If you are looking for someone to help you understand your purpose, it’s a deep honour and joy to serve in this way???

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These ‘soul commissions’ shine a light on different facets of why your soul is here. I’ve been led to keys of calling that unlock new dimensions of purpose for others, and for some bring powerful confirmation for chosen paths.

I begin gathering impressions and unique soul notes, the ones that I know will elucidate purpose, in the same way as they have my own, and I channel the divine realisations along with the many discoveries I make.

I’m excited to be offering these Purpose readings and am really looking forward to connecting more if you feel a resonance and would like to explore further ????

What comes through is a synthesis of information that is intentionally ‘resonated with’ for you ?

This, in the hope that you resonate with what comes through! ?

I also intend that it be an enlightening, uplifting and empowering experience ??

If you’d like to open new vistas of Purpose and discover more of why you are here, as well as receive unique soul signature insights relating to your gifts and talents, order your reading today! ?

Recorded Audio Readings delivered within 48 hours, order your reading here ??

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I intend to fill our time together with valuable, accurate, beneficial information that will serve you.

I also offer ‘general readings’ as well as focused consultations looking at love and relationships, business and career, life cycles and timing, spirituality and awakening, or any area you’d like me to focus on.

It’s an honour and a pleasure to be of service! Much love and bright wishes☀️?✨



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