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We’ll fulfil your reading here on souldivination.com using the integrated “Chat with me ?” feature – you can click the icon to the bottom right of your screen to activate; say hi! I’ll get back to you asap with my next availability. A transcript of our chat will be saved for you.


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Text-Chat Readings
An absolute GEM! You’ll be astounded by Matt’s accuracy, wisdom and compassionate reading. I was left on a high with more soul capital! Thank you. – Kathy, Australia
 Matt is truly, divinely guided. A very special advisor indeed. He delivers insight with integrity, and steers you to focus on empowerment and opportunity in the face of trial. I would recommend him to everyone! – Brit, USA
Amazing, really spot on, empathetic, really passionate, a sincere joy I feel connecting with matt, very positive. highly recommend, straight forward absolutely. Will come back again and again. – Gabriel, Brisbane
The God that shines in and through him is AMAZINGLY CLEAR! What a Beautiful soul, thank you so much! It’s not everyday you meet someone as genuine as Matthew! He gave me confirmation in some respects and clarified other things for me. He is WELL GIFTED and worth the price!!! Many Blessings – Carrie, Brooklyn
Matthew is the most refreshing person I’ve ever had for a reading. He’s truly genuine, enthusiastic and very sweet. This reading is truly one of a kind. I’ve learnt a lot from him today. His insights are extremely detailed and he describes to me everything that he sees. Love it!! He’s definitely highly recommended by me to anyone who wants a detailed and to-the-point reading. – Grace, London
Matt’s reading was absolutely wonderful. As a sensitive myself, I could very strongly feel the connection he established and what he had to say about my situation couldn’t have possibly been more accurate. I am very fortunate to have been pulled by Divinity to meet this beautiful bright spirit and suggest that everyone get to know him and seek a reading with him. You won’t regret it! – Wesley, Arkansas
Wonderful wonderful chat with such a lovely man who was really tuned into the core of me. He helped me see into myself and drew the answers out of me gently and easily. All the stars in the galaxy. – Alex, New Zealand
A very profoundly beautiful connection and harmonious session filled with love and light and great truth. I recommend MATT highly!!!! – beautywithinone, nas
Wow! what a connection. This reading was so full of information I had to write a lot of it down. very concise, clear reader, definitely gifted. Very easy to talk to. I am amazed and delighted to have such a good connection. One of the best readings I have ever had. – Kristina, Peregian Beach
Matthew is amazing, so highly connected with the purest energies. He channeled very important messages from the universe and I always feel the purity of his heart and intentions. I will become a returning client!!! – Sara, Italy
Definitely Top Notch, one of the best readers I have met! Natural, smooth, kind, powerful clear energy. Really am amazed and happy.  Thanks Matt! – Merkabahman633
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Connected effortlessly with spirit to provide insightful, accurate, detailed, informative read. Great adviser with tons of wisdom. Awesome healer. Gentle, generous, caring, understanding, patient, gifted person. Felt relaxing, calm, peaceful & comforting throughout the read. A very grateful customer. Highly recommend! Excellent read. Thank You, Matt. – Sibi, Houston
Thank you for an absolutely amazing, wonderful uplifting extraordinary reading!!! Thank you for the wonderful light work you are doing and sharing with the world!!  – Lisa, US
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Omgoodnessness ?? this feedback ? super grateful ??✨ it‘s a joy to connect and share ??☀️ and to know this work is so well received yay Jenna you’re awesome?? thank you?? blessings and much love! ??? — . Loving the flow space I enter in these readings ? it’s an amazing experience to connect ? . 8 years ago I was given an affirmation from Theo, the same angelic energies that gave Esther Hicks an affirmation that led to her channelling Abraham, the affirmation given to me was?? . “I, Matthew Fry, see and draw to me, through Divine Love, those beings who seek enlightenment through my process, the sharing shall elevate us both.” . ✨?‍♂️✨ . I’ve affirmed this over an infinity of years (8 lol) and now it is my reality. Mental note?affirmations are very powerful!!✨?? . As are these readings, I intend, for you ?☀️ . I really enjoy fulfilling these ?? and with any question and every reading, there are so many facets to explore ??️‍♂️ . I open to visions and impressions, look through various divination lens, consult the cards and the stars, and not forgetting Genie ?‍♂️ ?‍♀️ ✨ . What comes through is a synthesis of information that is intentionally ‘resonated with’ for you ? . I also intend that it be an enlightening and empowering experience ?? . If you’d like to explore the current and upcoming energies on your soul’s path, whilst receiving soul signature insights and answers to your important questions, order your reading today! ? . Recorded Audio Readings delivered within 48 hours, order your reading here ?? souldivination.com/recorded . or ‪.‬ 1-2-1 Live Readings (video/voice/typing), schedule your session here ?? ‪souldivination.com/live‬ . Links are in bio ? . If you feel a resonance with this offering I‘d love to explore more! . I also offer readings exploring love and relationships, career and business, life path and purpose, spirituality and awakening, or any area you’d like me to focus on ? . It’s an honour and a pleasure to be of service! Much love ??☀️

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