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Future Visioning

This is an experiential visioning journey where I guide you into a waking dream state allowing you to see and explore your brightest future potentials! You will meet with your future self and receive guidance and gifts from them to help you on your path now.

What is it?

  • A life changing experience
  • A waking dream therapy
  • A process to see your possible future
  • An opportunity to meet your future self
  • A way to identify and make empowered new choices
  • An opening to explore your unlimited potential

How will it help?

  • Explore possibilities and anchor new visions
  • Awaken your subconscious
  • Build a rapport with your future self
  • Empower your present self with profound insight
  • Expand your business, organisation, community
  • Tap into an infinite source for inspiration and creativity
  • Accelerate the manifestation of your dreams

A deeper look…

Matthew is a certified Future Life Progressionist offering Future Visioning, a profoundly amazing process elevating and changing lives around the world.
The bright future you desire already exists. Instead of trying to think what that future will be, you can travel to that future and experience it for real in an altered state. The wonderfully relaxing technique takes you into a conscious dream state; opening your mind to the infinite potential at your fingertips.
The wealth of insight and knowledge you gain can then begin to be assimilated and integrated into your here and now, grounding it in the present. Future Visioning can be used as a catalyst to accelerate the manifestation of your dreams and visions, as well as a powerful opportunity to illuminate bright choices and embrace change.
Whereas Past Life Regression concentrates on your personal history and how certain events in your life, or past lives, have shaped your beliefs and circumstances in the present day, Future Visioning takes you forward in time to a place where you can explore the possibilities that extend from your now creation. It allows you to see the potential paths that you choose to examine as well as make better informed choices having the opportunity to explore different alternatives. This process can bring power and clarity to your present point in time.
During a visioning experience you may be able to see the people you share your life with and the location that it all takes place in. You can find out about your purpose, which career path to take, how best to move forward and stay ahead of the game, see your new home, speed up your future successes and open the gates to your own destiny.
Future Visioning allows you to see how your future could pan out if you take different paths, empowering you to make bright decisions – step fully into that brightest future – the one it is your destiny to anchor.
By shifting your future orientation you can alter your current state radically. Through connecting with your bright future, for example, you create a pathway to that future which, by law of resonance, changes you now. This can be truly transformative. It is the future that inspires change, it is the future that motivates, it is the future that gives hope. The future is your key to the present.
With the perfect synthesis of foresight and hindsight, you can choose the future that you wish to influence you. As you learn to connect with that future you create a bridge to it that acts as a portal for its manifestation in your world.
When you connect to your future at a level where you experience that future’s existence in the present, you engage all the qualities of that future and align your vibration to it. This is key to the Law of Attraction.
Imagine the joy, confidence, peace, expectancy, freedom, excitement, security and so on. These feelings can be the result of Future Visioning, created by the connection to that bright future’s existence, energy and essence.
A beautiful blessing in all of this is that you get to share time with your future self. Through connecting with that future you, together you spark a new level of relationship. In developing a rapport with the you of your destiny, who you’re destined to be, uniting together to work as one – a powerful connection is established and a gateway of communication opens. Through Future Visioning you are allowing the Future You to have a voice in your world today.
You may receive healing transformations, flashes of insight and inspiration, new perspectives and visions and wonderful feelings of love, joy, freedom, empowerment and clarity.
By immersing fully in the vibration of your future, pathways are born for its manifestation in your world and you become an instant magnet to your highest reality. Your joyful future and your newly acquainted future self pulls you forward, making each day flow more smoothly, more gracefully, and more successfully.
If you could look out and see a beautiful bright future dawning, wouldn’t that make a difference in you right now? Notice how you feel right now, just considering that possibility… can you feel the hope awakening inside of you? The excitement? What if the brightest future you always hoped for really is coming ……. IT IS!
Your future is assured because you deserve love and all good things! Because you are powerful beyond measure and because your bright future, the one that is inspired, magnificent and abundant, the enormously satisfying, joyful, healthy and successful future that you really want… it’s already there, just waiting for you to step into it.
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Visioning Testimonials

Matt’s session opened me up to my unlimited potential and possibilities. Matt has a natural ability to put you at ease and guides you effortlessly through seeing your future. If you want to see your unlimited potential and the fun that lies ahead in your life go and see Matt.  – Fiona, Portugal
It really gave me clarity about different future options. First and foremost, the process powerfully reminded me that I am the sovereign being that either creates these different futures or doesn’t! I am the one that makes for the travel, and the fun, and the excitement and expansion, or.. staying in a groove/doing whatever others expect of me. That, and the sense of how fast the next ten years can fly by.. a sense of “hurry up and let’s have these fun events happen!” – Sandy, Los Angeles
I feel so very very fortunate/blessed to have found this Beautiful Beaming Light! With every exchange I feel absolutely elevated!! He has gone above and beyond with his support and guidance–which is such a confirmation of his true passion and dedication for providing his clients with insight to launch themselves onto their Soul’s path and into their Brightest Future.. Absolute treasure is Matt!! Thank you Darling One!! – Britee, USA

Update: Maree also wrote this amazing testimonial on “Back To The Future Day” 21st October 2015 and emailed it to me! How Awesome is she!!

To shamelessly adapt the words of Dr Emmett Brown’s character from the movie Back to the Future – ‘Roads, where you’re going [in Matts time machine], you won’t need roads… time will fly and the only disruption to the time-space continuum will be that you will experience your brightest future faster.’ On the the 21st October 2015, one of the future dates selected by the duo in their time machine, I revisited a future visioning journey that Matt facilitated for me, two and a half years ago. Matt took me through relaxation methods into a time vehicle and pressed my chosen future dates. He was patient, surrounding me with reassurance, safety and love as I stumbled about in the dreamlike beach chosen by my sub consciousness, until I connected with my future self. Unlike other readings, his guided meditation facilitated me experiencing what my future felt like. Beforehand I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do it or I was just making it up. However the future that appeared was unexpected and brought a deep indescribable excitement. Weeks, months and years later, I can still tune back in and reconnect with how this feels in my mind, body and spirit. So once you’re relaxed and in the driving seat, Matt acts like a skilled and empathetic navigator. His rich, caring voice keeping you on track, checking on the coordinates you have prearranged and helping you understand any signs along the way especially if they are written in a foreign language (or sign language). If you become shy or tongue-tied or just lost in the sea of feelings, he prompts you to ask the questions (and get the answers to) what you really want to know. The trip leaves you energised, with much to think about and the motivation to keep discovering more. Matt sets up a unique prearranged way to reconnect back to your future self at will. This experience gave me many gifts and I am still opening them every day in the journey to meet my playful future self. I would recommend this life-changing and amazing experience to everyone.
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