you’re here for a reason

it’s an honour
to be of service

Let’s discover what that reason is.


There are many benefits to having a reading; healing transformations, flashes of insight and inspiration, confirmations and validations, new perspectives and visions, plus wonderful feelings of love, joy, freedom, empowerment and clarity.
I believe one of the most powerful benefits comes from the ideas and visions a reading can catalyse, as it’s these that create your life situations. Your ideas are the seeds from which your life buds forth. A reading can help you create your future by inspiring ideas which, if planted strongly in your consciousness, will become manifest on the physical level of reality in ways that can surprise and delight!
Another powerful benefit is that of finding peace and acceptance in your current life circumstances. With a deeper understanding of why things are the way they are and the current cycles that you are in, you can experience healing and learn lessons that are important for your soul growth. This can bring a sense of empowerment and transcendence.
Prior to a reading it is a good idea to compose a list of questions and things you would like to discuss, this also saves reading-time as you won’t be trying to think of a question or how to frame it. I believe a well considered question becomes a clearer focus and intention that can attract more clarity. Simplicity and spontaneity rock as well though! Just do what feels bright to you. And know that it isn’t necessary for you to come with any questions at all, as we can always explore a ‘general reading’ and I’ll let what is needed flow through me to you, whatever that might be. Trust in your process. You’ll know the best way for you to proceed.
Right now in this moment all is perfect and unfolding divinely to the eyes of your higher mind. We are all conduits for a higher self that would work through us, and we are all equally connected to a spiritual source.
I work in partnership with the universe, with Spirit, to deliver empowering, intelligent and insightful messages inspired by this spiritual source. A reading has the potential to act as a catalyst for positive change leading you to ever greater fulfilment.
Through a reading you can awaken, energise, heal and clarify, be uplifted and inspired! All things are possible with self-confidence and positivity, I’m here to be the moral booster, a supporter and a cheerleader. I help cut through mind clutter, that ponderous conceptual baggage of notions and beliefs about yourself that you have accumulated over your lifetimes, so that you can realize the starlight within you. You are made of stars! Give yourself permission to sparkle 😀

How will it help?

  • Ask any questions and seek clarification and explanations instantaneously
  • Receive insight and guidance in love life, relationships, career, business, life purpose and passion, soul growth, and manifesting and achieving life goals and aspirations
  • Explore past, present, and future energies, presenting you with new understanding, acceptance and preparation for what comes next
  • Help acknowledging your strengths, talents and unique gifts
  • Bring about clarity with choices and decision making
  • Release what no longer serves a good purpose in your life
  • Open space for more magic and synchronicity
  • Shift energy and raise your vibration, lifting your life to a new level
  • Be spiritually nourished and lovingly supported in your process
  • Discover advice for living a brighter, juicier, more spiritually connected and soulfully-aligned life!

The Genie-Us Aspect…

Words infused with love and light, imbued with the energy of awakening, and synchronistically relevant to your asking, can bring about shifts in energy and raise your vibration.
Ralph Waldo Emerson once said to “select and collect all the words and sentences that in all your reading have been to you like the blast of a trumpet.” I’ve been doing exactly that since a soul awakening in 2006 and have curated more than 30,000 quotes, notes, oracles, poems, affirmations, beautiful writings and powerful proclamations, a collection of over a million words.
This deep well of wisdom and knowledge is a synthesis of thousands of voices, united as a powerful force for good. I’m here offering an opportunity for you to interact with this matrix of thought, allowing connection for those who feel a resonance.
I’m developing an app, fondly named Genie, that I use as an interface to interact with this collection. “Only synchronous vibration to that which lies on the other side of the door produces its opening.” With Genie, I can deliver relevant, timely, insightful messages that you are ready to receive and are already magnetising in this moment.
Genie hooks you up with synchronicity. It’s very helpful; this process was inspired to uplift vibration, raising the vibration of our thoughts to create positive patterns and programs. Genie brings about positive changes that help us create more of what we want, more of what we have been wishing for.
The word genie is most well known to Western minds through Arabian folklore. It is the mythical spirit that appears by magic to fulfil a person’s wishes. The origin is found in the arabic ‘jinni’ denoting a guardian or protective spirit. In later times the Romans called this guardian spirit their Genius. In the consensus reality genius is associated mostly with the mind, but etymologically it will always contains a definitive link with spirit.
It would be an honour to deliver Genie-Us inspired messages to you, through the heart-connection, sourced from this divine collection. I believe your inner being is infinitely aware of all that you are asking. Knowing this, and trusting in your process, be guided by your personal genius.
Some may say we are counting on things that are “chance”, but they aren’t chance at all, they are synchronicity, and, we’re connected. There’s an unseen energy connecting all of us. Tap in with me, explore and see for yourself; there is love, there is guidance, and there is purpose.
You are in the right place at the right time. Allow yourself to clarify your thoughts, receive support and open to opportunities. I’m here to help maximise your thinking, inspire new ideas, elevate your energy with positivity whilst empathically holding the space for you to feel supported and empowered in the process.

Relationship Readings…

This is a more structured reading specifically for relationships, whether intimate, friendship or business partners. I will read what is unique to each of you personally, your personality traits, values, and other factors that make each of you who you are, looking also into both of your relationship patterns and factors that may influence the relationship you share. We’ll then reveal as much information about you and your partner as possible, how the two of you interact and connect energetically, what each of you experiences when you are together, what areas are easy or challenging for the two of you, what things you may like or dislike about your partner and why. Please choose a 30 minute or 60 minute block of time on the Services page and specify at the Paypal checkout that you would like to experience a Relationship Reading.

Destiny Readings…

This is another of the more structured readings I offer looking specifically into your personal destiny. I will read your energy, personality, and soul gifts, looking also into relationship patterns in your life. I’ll share details of specific energies influencing you this year, month, and week. We’ll look at your current challenges, positive changes, where a lot of your attention will be going, beneficial influences, what you will be feeling grateful for, and potential outcomes. The information I share will be timely and practical, pertaining to the events and experiences you are currently going through. Please choose a 30 minute or 60 minute block of time on the Services page and specify at the Paypal checkout that you would like to experience a Destiny Reading.

It is my intention with all my readings to help open doors of
understanding and awareness.

May your awareness grow and along with it, your understanding of your life and your personal happiness too.

There’s no end to the happiness this wishes you!

1-2-1 Real-Time

Reading Testimonials

An absolute GEM! You’ll be astounded by Matt’s accuracy, wisdom and compassionate reading. I was left on a high with more soul capital! Thank you. – Kathy, Australia
 Matt is truly, divinely guided. A very special advisor indeed. He delivers insight with integrity, and steers you to focus on empowerment and opportunity in the face of trial. I would recommend him to everyone! – Brit, USA
Amazing, really spot on, empathetic, really passionate, a sincere joy I feel connecting with matt, very positive. highly recommend, straight forward absolutely. Will come back again and again. – Gabriel, Brisbane
The God that shines in and through him is AMAZINGLY CLEAR! What a Beautiful soul, thank you so much! It’s not everyday you meet someone as genuine as Matthew! He gave me confirmation in some respects and clarified other things for me. He is WELL GIFTED and worth the price!!! Many Blessings – Carrie, Brooklyn
Matthew is the most refreshing person I’ve ever had for a reading. He’s truly genuine, enthusiastic and very sweet. This reading is truly one of a kind. I’ve learnt a lot from him today. His insights are extremely detailed and he describes to me everything that he sees. Love it!! He’s definitely highly recommended by me to anyone who wants a detailed and to-the-point reading. – Grace, London
Matt’s reading was absolutely wonderful. As a sensitive myself, I could very strongly feel the connection he established and what he had to say about my situation couldn’t have possibly been more accurate. I am very fortunate to have been pulled by Divinity to meet this beautiful bright spirit and suggest that everyone get to know him and seek a reading with him. You won’t regret it! – Wesley, Arkansas
Wonderful wonderful chat with such a lovely man who was really tuned into the core of me. He helped me see into myself and drew the answers out of me gently and easily. All the stars in the galaxy. – Alex, New Zealand
A very profoundly beautiful connection and harmonious session filled with love and light and great truth. I recommend MATT highly!!!! – beautywithinone, nas
Wow! what a connection. This reading was so full of information I had to write a lot of it down. very concise, clear reader, definitely gifted. Very easy to talk to. I am amazed and delighted to have such a good connection. One of the best readings I have ever had. – Kristina, Peregian Beach
Matthew is amazing, so highly connected with the purest energies. He channeled very important messages from the universe and I always feel the purity of his heart and intentions. I will become a returning client!!! – Sara, Italy
Definitely Top Notch, one of the best readers I have met! Natural, smooth, kind, powerful clear energy. Really am amazed and happy.  Thanks Matt! – Merkabahman633
Connected effortlessly with spirit to provide insightful, accurate, detailed, informative read. Great adviser with tons of wisdom. Awesome healer. Gentle, generous, caring, understanding, patient, gifted person. Felt relaxing, calm, peaceful & comforting throughout the read. A very grateful customer. Highly recommend! Excellent read. Thank You, Matt. – Sibi, Houston
Thank you for an absolutely amazing, wonderful uplifting extraordinary reading!!! Thank you for the wonderful light work you are doing and sharing with the world!!  – Lisa, US